Shire of Halls Creek

Animal Control

Dog Control

All dogs over the age of three months in the Shire of Halls Creek are required to be registered. Registration is due on the 1st of November each year. Council permits no more than 2 dogs per household within the townsite and registration is $30 per dog. Pensioners are entitled to a 50% discount on dog registrations.

Fines for breaches of the Dog Act and Regulations are quite high, but these can be avoided through correct pet management. All dogs impounded for breaches of the Dog Act will only be released when relevant fines and impounding fees have been paid within 72 hours.


Cat owners are encouraged to collar their cats to distinguish those pets from the wild cats that the Shire traps in the on-going cat trapping program.


The Shire sprays for mosquito using a fogging device and treats standing water around the community with lavacide. The program is weather dependent.

Further information about animal control and wildlife can be obtained from the Shire's Ranger Services on 08 9168 6007.

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